Niels Kemp

fine art photography


Creating is fascinating. I love the proces of having an idea, and use it to create something tangible. I used to take photo’s for the sole purpose of sharing them online but this felt incomplete. I now create limited edition artworks to bring my photography to your home or business.

Fine art photography

In this (Dutch) Video I explain how I create my limited edition artworks. Check the store for currently available artworks.

STREET photography

 I search for light, composition and people. Sometimes I want to capture a story, other times I just wonder about the beauty of our world.

Created in the shop

My multiple exposure photographs are printed on high-quality plexiglass. I create an industrial looking steel frame in the workshop that suits the story. This is where my creative idea becomes a unique artwork.

Fine Art Fotografie Under the Umbrella Garage


Some works come in a limited edition of three pieces, others are one of a kind. The frame you have on the wall is 100% unique, created with purpose and hard labour.