My Story

started like this

My enthusiasm for photography was fuelled by my father, a photographer himself. I have always loved creating things and after I joined the police force at age 19, I started looking for a creative hobby. 

Photography got my attention and I instantly fell in love with it.

Hitting the streets

When you are starting out as a photographer with and you start seeing the world in light and composition, there is a lot to shoot. You can specialise in Portraits, Wedding, Sports, Corporate work and loads more. Out of all these niches I chose to shoot street photography. Being amongst people, watching life, finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.


Shortly after I started photography I also bought a GoPro to make video’s. I thought it would be nice to also share my experiences as a photographer so I started my YouTube channel called Niels Kemp Creative. 

Ricoh GR

When searching for the best camera for my street photography work, I chose the Ricoh GR II. This camera appeared in my YouTube video’s and I explained a lot about how and why I use this camera. This caught the attention of Ricoh/Pentax and they reached out to me to ask if I wanted to become a brand ambassador. Heck yeah.

My other job(s)

It has never been my goal to make photography my full time job. I am a proud police officer in Rotterdam, where I work at the communications department as content creator. I am the host of the Police Podcast called ‘Boeiend’.