The best way to get better in photography is by doing. You get better by investing hours and hours in practicing and getting more comfortable in using your camera and seeing the right things. But sometimes investing the hours isn’t enough: sometimes you need an extra pair of eyes to show you what’s nice to shoot, or some extra feedback on the photo’s you have already shot. 

Finding a mentor to do this is not easy. You have to find someone with proper knowledge, someone who communicates in a way you feel okay with. I have joined several workshops from different photographers and some I really liked, and some are just not for me. I have waited a long time to start teaching workshops, because i really feel you have to be at a certain level to start teaching. 

I decided as of 2020 I am ready for this and want to share my knowledge and enthousiasm for photography. My first workshop will be on Januari 5, 2020! 

You can now sign up here. 

About the workshop: 
– Location: Rotterdam
– Time: from 13:00 till 17:00 
– Gear: Any camera will do
– Topics: The Hunter&The Fisherman, Street portraits, light and movement and more!
– Language: Dutch!
– Investment: 95,- Euros